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Courtesy Photo from Brigitte Brady-Harris, Title by Kalina Phillips

Brigitte Brady-Harris builds foundation for female success

July 7, 2017


n today’s high pressure business world, Brigitte Brady-Harris has what it takes to be an empowering leader. Working and residing in the commercially, financially, and culturally vibrant Bay Area as a working woman and mother, Brady-Harris has found her passion in marketing after exploring her potential in both English and advertising. Brady-Harris has an extensive history of occupying powerful positions at many companies including Google and the Fortune 500 companies Gap Inc. and William-Sonoma. She has taken on roles in media and advertising, along with working on international businesses as an introduction to working on global businesses and the marketing department.

When asked what fuels her success in positions she has held, Brady-Harris emphasizes the importance of networking and professional peers. As a lifelong learner, she has extensive experience with the concepts of diversity and perspective. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Los Angeles, multiracial Brigitte Brady-Harris has been exposed to diversity and varying perspectives since childhood. Growing up in an environment that was socially and exclusively one race or another, Brady-Harris relates to many different cultures. Having taken on the role of an outsider has positively affected the way she manages group and team dynamics.

“It’s given me the opportunity to know what it feels like to not always fit it… I’m a big believer in things getting stronger if you have a lot of different perspectives involved,” she said, “and so I think growing up as a multiracial person that I came to the workforce with that bias [laughs]… That I do think teams are stronger when they’re made up of a lot of different perspectives and viewpoints.”

She feels similarly about being female working in a male dominated workplace. As Brady-Harris’s career progressed and she earned seniority in her industry, she became aware of the male bias in the workforce. She says, “I’d say that as my career has progressed that’s when I become more conscious of the dynamics and the fact that women haven’t really broken the glass ceiling at the executive level.” Brigitte Brady-Harris worked at a Fortune 500 company while many senior executives were women. The amount of females with powerful careers in her workplace led to the title of “year of the woman.” As a result, the executive female presence allowed a natural addressment and balance in the working environment. After leaving the company, Brady-Harris came to realize that her personal experience working with female executives was an exception to a male dominated executive role normality.

Brady-Harris also sets a basis for success in forming multilayered connections with her coworkers.

“Building personal relationships and personal rapport with your colleagues in particularly as you get to the more senior level, that mesh that you have with your coworkers is really important in addition to the business relationship you might have.”

Despite the challenges and prejudice women face when it comes to climbing the professional pyramid, Brady-Harris has constructed her own foundation on her job and educational experience, her leadership skills, the strong relationships and connections she creates, and has reached a merited tier— and she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Brady-Harris redefines the status quo as she encompasses success and accomplishment in a traditionally male-dominated workforce. Not only has she accomplished genuine power where women are conventionally and substantially underrepresented, she embodies female empowerment that creates opportunity and imagery for success that will drive young women to follow her lead. Brigitte Brady-Harris is an inspirational leader in the both the workplace as well as the world, and plans on spreading her empowerment to generations to come.

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